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A transformative workshop blending breathwork, movement and the Creatress Rising ONE TOOL.

In the dynamic realm between the palpable tension of the physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds and the boundless expanse of oneness, lies the vibrant playground of life. The Oneness Emersion Workshop is your ticket to this transformative experience, seamlessly blending breathwork, movement, and the powerful ONE TOOL. It serves as an unwavering invitation, guiding participants towards profound inner harmony, collaborative synergy, and a heightened connection to the universal life force.

Meet Tamara Norwood, not just a facilitator but a visionary thought leader, a devoted mother, and an unyielding creator. Fueled by an unstoppable force and an insatiable desire to awaken humanity, Tamara weaves intuition, knowledge, and experience into a tapestry of eye-opening stories, potent exercises, and an uplifting lightness. With over two decades of global experience in the event space, Tamara is an expert in captivating audiences through immersive sensory experiences. Drawing on her extensive studies in spirituality, intuition, coaching, and business, she guarantees a powerful, down-to-earth transformation for all drawn to The Oneness Emersion Workshop.

In a one-hour workshop, Tamara unveils the potent ONE TOOL, delving into the breath's transformative power for acceptance, acting as a catalyst for a nervous system reset, and paving the way to love—an instrument for accessing oneness and the realm of true creation. The hour allows for a breathwork exercise, two movement exercises, and a sharing circle with an interactive Q&A.

For an extended 1.5-hour experience, participants dive deeper into integrating the ONE TOOL into daily life, exploring its application to transcend negative emotions, limitations, past memories, and even trauma. Here, barriers hindering balance are dismantled. The journey leads to a heart-opening experience, fostering embodied self-love and authentic community collaboration.

The pinnacle of the Oneness Emersion unfolds in the ultimate 2 to 3-hour experience. Progressing from breathwork to movement, participants explore a thumping ecstatic dance style session as a means to embody these transformative tools into their daily lives. Engaging in the Oneness Emersion, participants discover how consciousness, breath and movement can transform a life ensnared by tension into a journey of walking with ease and grace into ones divine life path.

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