Unlock Your Inner Creatress:

Ignite Intuition,

Empower Expression,

Embrace Your Purpose


The Creatress

Tamara Norwood, based in Agnes Water QLD, has dedicated her life to nurturing her life purpose, her children, and a thriving humanity. She has traveled extensively as an events leader, delved into many different spiritual and personal growth realms, and emerged with a unique and elevated look at stepping into our human potential.

She is a visionary + thought leader, a devoted mother + a relentless creator, driven by an unstoppable force and desire to awaken humanity. She weaves her intuition, knowledge, and experience to deliver big topics through eye-opening stories, powerful exercises, and an inspiring lightness.

Intuitive Coaching

Discover your unique path to taking your business into full alignment with its true potential. Working with The Creatress is a deep dive into igniting your intuition, tapping into your divine strategies and stepping into the flow of inspired success. Imagine having someone in your corner who can not only see how the flow is blocked but your easiest way to bring you and the business back into the flow of success.

"My business jumped from 5k to 30k months within weeks of working with Tamara. She is the channel that releases you from what’s currently showing up in your world and connects you to the gifts that are waiting to be received." - Alexis Jane, Sydney Australia

Ignite Your Intuition

Discover how your unique connection to your intuition, can collapse time and elevate you to your divine path.

In this rapidly changing world of business, where decisions can shape the outcome of every aspect of our business, unlocking the true power of intuition is key to transformative success.

Intuition, our internal compass, is innate wisdom that becomes a silent force that guides strategy and leads to outcomes aligned with your authentic vision. Let intuition be the secret ingredient that moves the needle on your business and gets you hiting all your success goals.

Oneness Emersion

Imagine an inward journey that effortlessly guides you from a space of embracing tensions, emotional, physical and spiritual, into a deep release through self-love! The Oneness Emersion a dynamic workshop built around
Creatress Rising's

signature ONE TOOL, using gentle yet powerful breathwork practices, life changing exercises and expensive ecstatic dance movement to forge a new neural pathway within the body for peaceful release and manifesting your divine path.

Tamara's guidance led me to a place where self-love was not a distant concept but a palpable reality.
- Vanessa, Yepoon Australia

Freedom Through Movement

Ecstatic Dance welcomes everyone, regardless of your dance background. It's not about perfect moves; it's about embracing your unique rhythm, connecting with your inner self, and letting the music guide you. No judgment, no expectations—just a space for you to move, release stress, and discover the joy of dancing freely.Join us for this Agnes Water Ecstatic Dance event and unlock a world where everyone can dance, and anyone can find their groove.Let's redefine dancing together!.

"Bring your true power, beauty and truth to the world"

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